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25 septembre, 2009

Le Négatif 2

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More Negatives

ne…plus no longer
ne…jamais never
ne…rien nothing
ne…aucun(e) not a single one
ne…que only
ne…personne nobody
ne…ni…ni neither…nor
ne…nulle part nowhere

The que in ne…que is placed directly before the word (the words) it modifies.

Il ne mange que de la viande

Je n’ai que toi au monde

Rien and personne may be used as subjects:

Personne n’est ici.

Rien n’est impossible.

Aucun(e) by definition is singular, so the verb and nouns must also be changed to the singular.

Je n’ai aucun livre.

Elles ne prennent aucun café.

With ni…ni, all articles are dropped except definite articles.

Elle ne mange ni viande ni poisson, but Elle n’aime ni la viande ni le poisson.

Tu ne fais plus de tennis. You no longer play tennis/ You don’t play tennis anymore.

Nous ne voulons faire des courses que lundi. We want to go shopping only on Monday.

Elle n’ attend personne. She expects no one/She doesn’t expect anyone.

Now some sites to expand and consolidate:

A very complete and clear description with audio.

More examples for advanced students

Some notes follwed by an exercise

Find the negativeand Find the affirmative

Rien/Personne 1 and Rien/personne 2

• A listening exercise : Il ne mange rien, il ne sort jamais

Mixed-up sentences

Negatif et contraire 1and Translation exercise

Ne… que 1and Ne… que 2

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