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14 octobre, 2009

Les articles et les adjectifs démonstratifs

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Articles and Demonstrative Adjectives  agree in number and gender with the nouns they modify. Articles have to be expressed even though they aren’t always in English; and you may have to repeat the article in some cases.Demonstratives are just like stronger definite articles.

Masculine Feminine Before Vowel Plural
le lit the bed la montre the watch l’animal the animal les livres the books
Masculine Feminine Plural
un lit a bed une pomme an apple des gants some gloves
Masc. Masc, Before Vowel Fem. Plural
ce lit this/that bed cet oiseau this/that bird cette pomme this/that apple ces gants these/those gloves

If you need to distinguish between this or that and these or those, you can add -ci to the end of the noun for this and these, and -là to the end of the noun for that and those.For example, ce lit-ci is this bed, while ce lit-là is that bed.Want to practice?


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