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2 avril, 2010

Le Négatif 1

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To make sentences negative, simply put ne and pas around the verb.If in spoken French, the ne is most often omitted, it cannot be ignored in written French.When you are replying « yes » to a negative question, use si rather than oui.

Je suis de Sydney I am from Sydney.
Je ne suis pas du Mexique. I am not from Mexico.
Je suis australien. I am Australian
Je ne suis pas suisse. I am not Swiss. (masculine or feminine)
Il est australien. He is Australian.
Elle n’est pas danoise. She is not Danish.
Elles sont des Etats-Unis. They are from the United States.
Ils ne sont pas du Portugal. They are not from Portugal.
Je parle chinois et japonais. I speak Chinese and Japanese.
Je ne parle pas suédois. I don’t speak Swedish.
Vous n‘êtes pas du Brésil ? You aren’t from Brazil?
Si, nous sommes du Brésil. Yes, we are from Brazil.

A few more notes and practice exercises:



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  1. i am really enjoying the classes run by danny as he makes the language ‘live’ for me. learning all the grammer is necessary but one needs to be able to talk with some confidence and he encourages one to speak, which is what i need

    Commentaire par laureen jarvis — 2 juillet, 2007 @ 7:26 | Répondre

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