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7 mai, 2010

La conjugaison

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  As you might have noticed, the verb form changes whenever the subject changes.
The form of the verb, known as the conjugation, indicates the person of the subject as well as the tense.
Most verbs are conjugated with the same patterns and are called regular.
Other verbs don’t follow any sort of pattern and are irregular. The conjugations of être, the French ‘to be’ verb, are irregular. 

Normally, the final consonant of word ending in d, s, t, or x isn’t pronounced. However when followed by a vowel ending word or a word that begins with silent h, this final consonantis pronounced. This is called liaison

  petit ami boyfriend
  les enfants the children
  Je suis heureuse. I am happy (f.).

il / elle 
ils / elles 


Now would be a good time to over once more the regular verbs which are divided into -er ending verbs, -ar ending verbs and and -ir ending verbs.

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