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7 mai, 2010

Le présent des verbes réguliers

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The Present tense (le présent)

Although for some other tenses we have only one set of endings to learn, with the Present tense there are several that must be learnt.  Hence, in the verb-tables, the present tense is given in full.


The stem of the Present tense of regular verbs (ie  those that always have a similar pattern and similar endings) is got by cutting off -er, -ir, -re from the various Infinitives. On to the stem thus obtained we add the endings

-e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez, -ent            for -er verbs

-is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez, -issent            for -ir verbs

-s, -s, -ons, -ez, -ent            for -re verbs

Remember the -iss syllable in the plural of -ir verbs.  The Irregular verbs vary so much that their parts of the Present tense have to be learnt separately.  For these, see your tables of irregular verbs.

Regular model verbs are:

1.   -er

2.   -ir

3.   -re

Needs some practice?

Here are quite a few self correcting exercises on the Net which can be downloaded :

Le Français en ligne + Corrections (click on Verbes, then on le présent…)


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