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10 avril, 2015

Imparfait : Review

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Imperfect Tense

To form the stem, use the nous form of the present tense and drop the -ons.Then add these endings:

-ais -ions
-ais -iez
-ait -aient

The only exception is être for which you must use the stem ét-, but still the same endings.Verb stems that end in -c must use a cedilla (ç) under the c to make it soft.Verb stems ending in -g keep the e before all forms except nous and vous.

étais étions
étais étiez
était étaient
commencer manger
commençais commencions mangeais mangions
commençais commenciez mangeais mangiez
commençait commençaient mangeait mangeaient

This past tense corresponds to « was, were or used to. » This tense is used for repeated, continuous, or ongoing actions; as well as for verbs that describe background and circumstances, such as weather, time, and physical,mental, and emotional states. Use the passé composé for actions that happened once and are done. However, verbs that express mental and emotional states that are descriptive in nature are generally used in the imperfect in a past context. These verbs are: aimer, avoir, croire, détester, espérer, être, penser, and préférer.

Avoir, Devoir, Pouvoir, Savoir, and Vouloir

These verbs change meanings, according to whether they are used in the imperfect or the passé composé.

Imperfect Passé Composé
avoir j’avais I had j’ai eu I got, received
devoir je devais I was supposed to j’ai dû I must have, I had to (and did)
pouvoir je pouvais I was capable j’ai puje n’ai pas pu I was able to (and did), succeededI couldn’t, failed
savoir je savais I knew j’ai su I found out, discovered
vouloir je voulais I wanted to j’ai vouluje n’ai pas voulu I tried, decided, insistedI refused

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