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13 avril, 2015

Les verbes pronominaux 2

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Pronominal (Reflexive) Verbs

These verbs are conjugated like normal verbs, but they require an extra pronoun before the verb. Most indicate a reflexive action but not all. And therefore literal translation should be avoided. .

Some reflexive verbs:

s’amuser to have fun se reposer to rest se réveiller to wake up
se lever to get up se souvenir de to remember se raser to shave
se laver to wash (oneself) s’entendre bien to get along well s’ennuyer to get bored
se dépêcher to hurry se coucher to go to bed se promener to take a walk
se peigner to comb se brosser to brush s’intéresser à to be interested in
s’habiller to get dressed se maquiller to put on makeup s’entraîner to train
se marier to get married se casser to break (arm, leg, etc.) se détendre to relax

When used in the infinitive, such as after another verb, the reflexive pronoun agrees with the subject of the sentence.

Je vais me coucher maintenant.
Elle va se coucher
Il aime s’écouter


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  1. I wrote to my friend « Quand il y a mauvais de temps (gelé, neige), si on ne peut pas s’arrêter, on ne peux pas s’arrêter. » He did correct me by making « stop » a pronominal verb. When I wrote the sentence, I didn’t think of making stop a pronominal.

    So, can any verb become pronominal? if not, what rules should I keep in mind?

    Your site is a treasure to the learner of French.

    Juan F Garces

    Commentaire par Juan F Garces — 13 février, 2010 @ 9:18 | Réponse

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