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25 juillet, 2016

Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever

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The present subjunctive is used with the indefinite expressions that are the French equivalents of whatever, whenever, wherever, and whoever.
When the English whatever is followed by subject 􏲖 verb, use the neuter quoi que 􏲖 present subjunctive.

Quoi que tu fasses, je t’aimerai toujours. Whatever you do, I will always love you.

Quoi qu’elle dise, je ne changerai pas d’avis Whatever she says, I will not change my mind.

When the English whatever is followed by a noun, use quel que (quelle que, quels que, quelles que) 􏲖 the subjunctive of être 􏲖 noun. Quel que agrees in gender and number with the noun that follows it.

Quel que soit votre conseil, je prendrai rendez-vous avec le patron.Whatever your advice, I will make an appointment with the boss.
Quelle que soit leur décision, elle démissionnera.Whatever their decision, she will resign.

Look at the following examples that express wherever (où que) in French:

Où que tu sois, appelle-moi. Wherever you are, call me.

Où qu’elle aille, il ira aussi. Wherever she goes, he will go, too.

The subjunctive is also used following the expression of whoever (qui que).

Qui que tu sois, tu peux lui parler. Whoever you are, you can talk to him.

Qui que vous soyez, ouvrez votre cœur. Whoever you are, open up your heart.

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