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Niveau 102

If you want to learn to speak French, our French classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn French language and culture.

This French course is the beginners French course and no prior knowledge of the French language is required. Ideal for preparing for travel or work commitments, or as a stepping stone to start one’s path to mastering French, participants learn the basics of the language including greetings, manners, the alphabet, numbers and writing in French. Grammatical elements are also introduced as you start to work on your speaking and listening skills.

Course content

This French course covers the following topics:

  • Speaking about your city
  • Name and locate places in the city
  • Asking for/ give explanations about directions
  • Getting information about places to stay
  • Giving a simple itinerary
  • Enquiring and booking accommodations
  • Write a postcard
  • Giving your impressions about a place
  • Speaking about your activities
  • Giving the country of origin/destination
  • Tell about the weather
  • The definite and indefinite articles
  • Verbs prendre/descendre/venir/

Course delivery

This French language course is delivered as interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged.

Prescribed text

Alter Ego Plus 1 A1 Livre d’Eleve & CD-ROM by Annie Berthet ISBN 9782011558107

Alter Ego Plus 1 A1 Cahier d’Activites & Audio CD by Annie Berthet ISBN 9782011558114

This French course is based on the Introductory Units 2 of the above text. The text is used for class activities and forms the basis for consolidation and practice between meetings.

Prescribed textbooks should only be purchased after confirmation is received from us that the course will proceed. This usually occurs up to 5 days prior to class commencement.

Themes include:

  1. Saying where you live, locating and describing places : Pays et nationalités
  2. Expressing likes and dislikes
  3. Basic skills for shopping!

Poser des questions

Grammar includes:

  • Negative sentences, plural of nouns and adjectives
  • Prepositions à, dans, au, en with places, cities and countries : To/in
  • Use of on/nous, use of c’est/il y a
  • Possessifs
  • -ER Verbs



Language guide



Language guides


Poser des questions

Des notes à télécharger :


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  1. Bon jour Dani,

    Aujourd’hui je ne travaille pas. Je suis un petit peu ennuyé. Je me reveille à huit heures aujourd’hui. Au petit dejeurner, je vais prendre du cafe creme et fumer.

    Ceci est tres difficile! Ma tete me fait mal.


    Commentaire par Andrew — 13 novembre, 2009 @ 12:50 | Réponse

  2. Allo Danny,

    Dernier semaine vous avez demandé de notre part pour une description de nos horaires, Pour moi, il est comme ça…

    Généralement je commence mon travailletravail aux alentours de huit heures trente à neuf heures. Je prends le déjeuner à midi et demi. Le lundi et mercredi je prends une classe de yoga à midi, pour une heure.

    J’ai terminé mes tâches après dix-huit heures ou dix-huit heures trente sur les jours quand j’ai de classe de yoga. Autrement je finis entre dix-sept heurs trente à dix-huit heures.

    Bon travail, Craig Attention : heure, le travail…
    Surtout continue…

    Commentaire par Craig Senbruns — 27 mai, 2010 @ 12:02 | Réponse

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