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Niveau 103

French courses in Sydney. Learn French with us.

If you want to learn to speak French, our French classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn French language and culture. Learn French the smart way with French courses in Sydney at the University of Sydney.

This French course continues the material in French 102 and is suitable for those who have completed French 102 or who have completed 45 hours of recent face to face tuition.

Course content

This French course covers the following topics:

  • Speak about yourself your tastes, activities and interests.
  • Speak about your profession.
  • Speak about your family and their activities.
  • Characterize a person.
  • Suggest/Invite/ accept and refuse an invitation.
  • Arrange a meeting.
  • Give basic instructions.
  • The irregular verbs faire, aller, dire.
  • Avoir mal à+parts of the body.
  • Professions.
  • Plural of adjectives.
  • Tonic Pronouns.

Prescribed text

Alter Ego Plus 1 A1 Livre d’Eleve & CD-ROM by Annie Berthet ISBN 9782011558107

Alter Ego Plus 1 A1 Cahier d’Activites & Audio CD by Annie Berthet ISBN 9782011558114

This French language course is based on Dossier 3 of the above text. The text is used for class activities and forms the basis for consolidation and practice between meetings.

Prescribed textbooks should only be purchased after confirmation is received from us that the course will proceed. This usually occurs up to 5 days prior to class commencement.

Grammatical activities








  • Le Passé composé
  1. Verb reguliers
  2. Très élementaire, mais bon début : verbe régulier en -ER
  3. Activités
  4. Entrainez-vous1
  5. Entrainez-vous2
  6. Entrainez-vous3 
  7. Ecrivez au passé composé et corrigé
  8. Reliez
  9. Exercice
  10. Passé composé final

Pour aller plus loin :

  1. Passé composé d’AVOIR et ÊTRE –
  2. Language guides
  3. Review
  • Savoir vs connaitre 

le verbe savoir

savoir vs connaitre

InviterProposer Refuser.CommProgr1

2Parler quantité

3Parler des prix

Les activites quotidiennes


Semaine 6





jobs present

Le weekend dernier letter

Routines q&a

Les activités quotidiennes Vocabulaire progressif du Francais debutant


le week end dernier2


Passé composéTotal



Practice Makes Perfect Complete French Grammar




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