Entre Nous

Niveau 502

This French course is part of the fifth year French program at CCE and is suitable for those who have completed all levels of French up to 501 or who have completed 395 hours of recent face-to-face tuition.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

1 Extend their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
2 Analyse and exchange views with peers on the social, cultural and linguistic context of each film reviewed.
3 Adjust and rectify some grammatical and pronunciation points.
4 Explore some of current linguistic, cultural and social trends, as well as elements of various political issues as portrayed in each medium.

Students will also have the opportunity to practice and consolidate their understanding of the nuances of the French language with their previous studies, and to expand and express their appreciation of this art. The grammatical component of the course will primarily be based on the difficulties students have encountered in their analyses, as well as grammatical points stemming from each subject area.

Face-to-face classroom style teaching. Please note that this course will be taught almost entirely in French.

Handouts will be provided in class.







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