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Audio Books Des textes lus, mystéres et romances écrites pour étudiants de FLE, qu’on peut écouter et suivre en même temps le texte.  Excellent pour la prosodie et la prononciation. Coup de coeur!

Dialogues avec transcription

Parlo offre trois dialogues avec transcription

Nombreux documents d’écoute sur des sujets variés et classés en trois niveaux


Des situations quotidiennes en vidéo

Some podcasts

Pour pratiquer la compréhension orale cliquez ici :

Et Listening Skills 1


2 commentaires »

  1. Salut!

    I have had a look at some of the dialogues. I think the ones with the translations are good to go through to learn phrases and practise conversation. I like the audio component to them. I think these are more useful than the dialogues without translations at the moment as i am too much of a beginner!


    Commentaire par Romy — 21 novembre, 2006 @ 10:36 | Réponse

  2. Merci Romy, Your comments are truly very helpful.

    Of course I fully appreciate the need for translations. I take note for the future.

    At this moment, I am not designing exercises but rather using the resources already existing and simply passing them on to you. I try to be as selective as possible, but of course some are more suitable to some than others, depending on their style of learning.

    However, learning a language is also a form of exploration. Think of yourself as Indiana Jones: you are in a foreign land, discovering, trying to make sense of weird customs, digging etc… L’aventure!
    It’s not a bad idea from time to time to listen without understanding all the words. Just to immerse yourself, get the flow and the intonations of the language.
    When doing this type of activity, you cannot expect to understand all the words of course, maybe just the gist of it all.
    In a few weeks you might go back to these dialogues and check the progress you have made…
    A samedi

    Commentaire par db — 22 novembre, 2006 @ 2:08 | Réponse

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