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If you want to learn to speak French, our French classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn French language and culture. Learn French the smart way with French courses in Sydney at the University of Sydney community college.

This French course is part of the fourth year French program at CCE and is suitable for those who have completed all levels of French up to 403 or who have completed 375 hours of recent face-to-face tuition. French 404 covers more complex areas of speech relating to clarity, accuracy and checking you’ve been understood. Your ability to speak, write, listen and read French fluently will be furthered by covering the grammatical themes of adverbial phrases, utilisation of pronouns, sensibilisation to different levels of language: formal versus conversational French, use of slang in context. This course is a continuation of French Level 403 and is taught (almost entirely) in French. The grammatical component of the course will be based on the difficulties students encounter in their expression as well as grammatical points stemming from the introductory resource, such as the complex sentences to express hypothesis, opposition, consequences, and causes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this French course, participants should be able to:

  1. extend their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills;
  2. use with confidence some of the learning as well as authentic materials freely provided by the Internet;
  3. analyse and exchange more efficiently with peers about their own interests: identify and grasp some of current trends of linguistic, cultural, social and political life in Francophone countries;
  4. rectify some grammatical and pronunciation points;
  5. acquire a sound knowledge of some of French customs and traditions, regional characteristics, as well as elements of contemporary important issues, such as the concepts of “ la diversité ” and “ le vivre ensemble ”.

Course Content

This high level French course covers the following themes:

  • Eléments du patrimoine : Fêtes et traditions, amis, famille, relations. icones, symboles, stéréotypes, préjugés, clichés,
  • La France administrative : L’Hexagone et les régions, les départements, le monde rural et le monde urbain : le hameau, le village, la ville , la cité, la rue et les centres commerciaux,
  • La France contemporaine: Le monde économique, politique, artistique, écologiste, quotidienne.
  • Et bien entendu les crises : les syndicats, le chomage, l’exil, le communautarisme, les crises identitaires, les sans-papiers.

Les symboles de la France


La voix passive

La voix passive 1

La voix passive 2

ws1 passif

ws 2 passif

ws 3 passive synth

Mots interrogatifs

les ages de la vie

pronoms personnels.

Exo pronoms personnels avec corrigés

  1. Synthèse1           Synthése1Corrigé
  2. Synthèse2           Synthèse2Corrigé
  3. Synthèse3           Synthèse3Corrigé
  4. Synthèse4           Synthèse4Corrigé
  5. Synthèse5           Synthèse5Corrigés
  6. Synthèse6           Synthèse6Corrigés
  7. Synthèse7           Synthèse7Corrigés

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